Why use Rust embedded?

Rust's ownership model and compile-time checks help prevent common memory-related bugs, such as null pointer dereferencing and buffer overflows, which can be especially dangerous in embedded systems.

Rust focus on preventing memory-related vulnerabilities and can help to reduce the attack surface of embedded systems and improve overall security.

Overall, Rust's combination of memory safety, performance, reliability, security, and cross-platform support make it a compelling choice for building embedded systems in a wide range of applications, from IoT devices to aerospace systems.

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I can help you with

  • Programming

    Almost all the popular web programming languages you can think off • I prefer frameworks like Vue.js • Angular • Laravel • Wordpress • Drupal • Responsive • Git workflow • Docker • GraphQL

  • Mobile Apps

    Most of the mobile apps I build with hybrid frameworks like Ionic and Cordova. They compile into Android and iOS apps. No native Java or Swift is needed for prototypes.

  • Embedded Systems

    Native C programming • Rust Embedded • Arduino • ARM architecture • Internet of things • Atmel • STM32 • FreeRTOS • FPGA design

  • PCB Design

    Multi-layered circuit boards • Surface-mount components • Partnerships with PCB manufacturers • Well equipped Labfacility

  • 3D modeling

    I can help you with 3D modeling your prototype and prepare it for production. I design both for clients in The Hague / Den Haag but also for remote clients if it suits your design process

  • 3D printing

    Your prototype can be printed in high resolution and in a wide variety of materials like ABS plastics, metal, ceramics, flexible plastics, etc

  • Creative Thinking

    Problems are there to be solved. I love to be creative and combine existing solutions from different industries to create new prototypes

  • Startup Mentality

    The Lean Startup • Minimum Viable Product • Kickstarter • Respect for scarce startup resources

About me

  • Willem Sparreboom

    As a technology driven person I like to work on innovative projects. My educational background is a mixture of Product Development and Electrical Engineering. This enabled me to build working prototypes and small series of hardware. My friends discribe me as: eager to learn • creative • thinking out of the box • a real go-getter • curious and always up to date on the latest technology.

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