Why NuxtJS?

If you're looking to build a new website or improve your existing one, you might have heard about NuxtJS.
Simply put, NuxtJS is a tool that helps web developers create better websites. It allows them to build websites that load quickly, perform well on search engines, and provide a great user experience for your customers.

With NuxtJS, your website will be designed to meet the latest web standards and best practices. This means that your website will be fast, secure, and optimized for search engines like Google. Plus, NuxtJS makes it easy for your website to be viewed on all types of devices, such as phones, tablets, and computers.

In short, NuxtJS is an excellent choice for businesses who want to make sure their website is modern, user-friendly, and competitive. If you're interested in learning more about how NuxtJS can benefit your business, please contact me for more information.

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I can help you with

  • Programming

    Almost all the popular web programming languages you can think off • I prefer frameworks like Vue.js • Angular • Laravel • Wordpress • Drupal • Responsive • Git workflow • Docker • GraphQL

  • Mobile Apps

    Most of the mobile apps I build with hybrid frameworks like Ionic and Cordova. They compile into Android and iOS apps. No native Java or Swift is needed for prototypes.

  • Embedded Systems

    Native C programming • Rust Embedded • Arduino • ARM architecture • Internet of things • Atmel • STM32 • FreeRTOS • FPGA design

  • PCB Design

    Multi-layered circuit boards • Surface-mount components • Partnerships with PCB manufacturers • Well equipped Labfacility

  • 3D modeling

    I can help you with 3D modeling your prototype and prepare it for production. I design both for clients in The Hague / Den Haag but also for remote clients if it suits your design process

  • 3D printing

    Your prototype can be printed in high resolution and in a wide variety of materials like ABS plastics, metal, ceramics, flexible plastics, etc

  • Creative Thinking

    Problems are there to be solved. I love to be creative and combine existing solutions from different industries to create new prototypes

  • Startup Mentality

    The Lean Startup • Minimum Viable Product • Kickstarter • Respect for scarce startup resources

About me

  • Willem Sparreboom

    As a technology driven person I like to work on innovative projects. My educational background is a mixture of Product Development and Electrical Engineering. This enabled me to build working prototypes and small series of hardware. My friends discribe me as: eager to learn • creative • thinking out of the box • a real go-getter • curious and always up to date on the latest technology.

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Willem Sparreboom